In these pages are samples of my writing, photography, graphic design, website design, and instructional design.

In the Writing section I demonstrate non-business writing. Specifically, blogging. For business writing, I refer you to the Instructional Design page.

Photography is mainly a hobby for me, but I have an eye. Subscribing to the saying that the best camera is the one you have with you, I typically just use my phone. What you see in the Photography Albums is mainly my post-production skill. In addition, you will find graphic design examples.

Website design is the skill I’ve used the least. However, I built my first site in 1995, so I’m not entirely a novice. I prefer clean, simple minimalism.

I have been developing web-based training courses for 14 years. Hundreds of modules, ranging from just a few minutes long to courses that take hours to complete. Examples are in Instructional Design.

Welcome to my portfolio

During the last 40 years I’ve been a sailor, a zookeeper, a cop, and a tech geek. Now I’m an instructional designer. What’s next?